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Jericoacoara Digital Film Festival (Jeridigital)

12 Jun 2015 - 18 Jun 2015

This is a cinematography event held the second week of June, annually.

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Jericoacoara hotels and tours

Bem-vindo à Jericoacoara in the Ceara State, Brazil

An unhurried picture of perfection is perhaps an apt description of this small place in Brazil that is quite unspoilt and pristine. Until 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was a simple fishing village. There wasn’t any usage of currency here; rice and fish were used for trade and barter. There weren't any roads, electricity, electronic gadgets or newspapers either. Even today, though some tourist infrastructure and Jericoacoara hotels have sprung up, not much has changed.

Jericoacoara is well known with Brazilians as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with the added bonus of exciting water sports and lovely locals.

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There aren't any high rise buildings around here and the vista is naturally pretty. You'll find simple yet comfortable Jericoacoara pousadas to stay in – these are not extravagant; however, they are full of character. The hotels in Jeri (as it is often referred to fondly), such as the famous Mosquito Blue Hotel, have local personality and have been landscaped to showcase the undeniably beauty of the area.

There are loads of things to see and do in Jeri; Pedra Furada is a major tourist attraction which stands on the beach amidst sand dunes. It is an enormous stone arch that has been carved by crashing waves over time; the best time to appreciate the iconic formation is during sunset, and in July one can even see the sun passing down through the arc. For awe-inspiring sun rises, perch yourself at Sunset Dune for some classic Jericoacoara photos. Here you get panoramic views of the entire area. One could also take a Jericoacoara tour with a dune buggy ride to enjoy the stunning coastline. You can even explore dried mangroves or go on horseback to the hills while on tour in Jericoacoara.

Renowned as one of the top spots for windsurfing and kite-surfing, one simply must try these thrilling activities when spending time in Jericoacoara. The locals know best, and there are heaps of local experts and Jericoacoara tours to assist anyone from experts to beginners on the skills of catching wind.

300 km north of Fortaleza, Jericoacoara is in the Ceara state of Brazil. Because of its remote location, you'll need to access Jeri by 4 wheel drive. The rugged dirt roads followed by vast stretches of sand make a very enthralling drive. Also, it keeps busloads of tourists at bay. As a part of environmental preservation, the roads are still sand and the houses are made of wood. The National Park extends across 6850.00 hectares including the Jericoacoara beaches, municipalities and Jijoca Cruz, with its famous Prea beach.

Jericoacoara is not the simplest places to access, as one can see from the Jericoacoara map. However, there are several transport options ranging from cheap to luxury. A regular bus would take seven hours, 4x4 vehicles about 5 hours and helicopter just one hour. Jericoacoara has its fair share of markets, bars and restaurants and cyber cafes. There aren't any banks or loan offices and traveller's cheques are not accepted. The good news is that cards are widely accepted in establishments and Jericoacoara hotels. Do carry some cash with you though.

Small as it may be, Jericoacoara is buzzing with life. Nightlife here extends till the wee hours of the morning with street parties and dancing. Jericoacoara hotels, restaurants and bars are packed with people from various parts of the world. If you prefer peace and quiet, head out onto the beach with a guitar and lay back to gaze at the countless stars. Jeri has a little of everything to the contentment of any traveller in Northern Brazil.

The Pousada Araxa was opened in 2009 in one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in Jericoacoara. The hotel specializes in honeymoons and couple getaways, and the friendly staff is prepared to make your stay unforgettable.

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The Pousada Vila Kalango has been one of the top-end hotels in Jericoacoara since 1999 for a variety of reasons. It offers 24 luxury beach huts designed in a rustic jungle style that make you feel as if you are taking part in a Tarzan adventure film.

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The Pousada Rancho do Peixe is a perfect accommodation choice for the serious kite or windsurfers among us, yet still within easy reach of Jericoacoara's nightlife. Under the same management as the Pousada Vila Kalango, guests can take advantage of their windsurfing / kite surfing school, equipment rental, and free daily shuttle service to and from the village.

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The Pousada Samba do Kite was completely renovated and has opened its doors to the public under the same management as the Pousada Araxa. It has one of the best locations for a midrange hotel in Jericoacoara.

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Vila Prea is a rustic yet classy property that offers ecological bungalows built on stilts and an award winning restaurant located on Prea Beach. The exclusive seven bungalows are made of natural materials such as raw rock and straw roofs and offer Bali-style open bathrooms gardens with large decks. The restaurant won the last "Jeri Sabor Food Festival" thanks to its special creations and fresh, organic foods.
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Tatajuba by dune buggy is one of the most popular excursions from Jericoacoara and should not be missed if you want to take in some of the area’s most spectacular surrounding scenery. The 40 km trip takes approximately 6 hours including a stop for lunch; it can be extended to late afternoon at you request.

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A dune buggy trip to Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraiso also known as Lagoa da Jijoca is a perfect choice if you have already been out to Tatajuba and would like to take in more of Jericaocaora’s surrounding spectacular scenery.

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The “Pousada Blue Jeri” is only 100 meters from the Jericoacoara’s beach. It has been sharing the same management and staff as the Mosquito Blue, making it amongst the most popular mid-range hotels in the village over the last 5 years. A great choice for those planning an extended visit!

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The Pousada Jeriba offers a balanced mix between rustic and comfortable with an architectural design that blends with the spirit of a fishing village. Completely surrounded by a lush tropical garden and a wide variety of flowers that attract the local birds and add to the decor of its beautiful grounds. Pousada Jeriba has long been considered one of the best pousada/hotels in Jericoacoara and has all that is required to make your trip to Jericoacoara an unforgettable one.

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Pousada Masai Mara has just the right combination of rustic charm and comfort to make it one of the best budget hotels in Jericoacoara. The irresistible swimming pool blends perfectly with the tropical gardens, giving guests the perfect place to relax after a day exploring the national park.

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Pousada Ponta da Pedra is a cosy beach accommodation with reasonable rates that is only a few hundred meters from the village bars and restaurants. The hotel is situated on Jericoacoara's Beach, alongside the Club Ventos windsurfing school. 

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The Naquela Jericoacoara offers a peace and quiet setting and only a short walk from everything in Jericaocoara including the beach. If your budget is a priority this pousada is a best choice still offering all the comforts and much more.

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Fortalezabeaches.com private car transfer service is available 7 days a week to all destinations across the state of Ceara. The service is supplied by professional drivers (optional bilingual guide) with new air conditioned vehicles only. As you pass through the baggage claim, guests are welcomed by the driver holding a sign board with their name on it.

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Fortalezabeaches.com private off-road tour/excursion to Jericoacoara is available 7 days a week. The service is supplied by professional drivers with new air conditioned off-road vehicles only.

Drivers will pick you up at any local area hotel in Fortaleza or as you pass through the baggage claim at the airport, guests are welcomed by the driver holding a sign board with their name on it.

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